Welcome to Our IPPI Quality Improvement Program!

This section of the website is for nursing home communities that have already enrolled in our IPPI Quality Improvement Project (QIP) and for those interested in learning about program. 

  • If your community already has signed up for the QIP, received your program guidebook, and you’re ready to get started – awesome! Click on the blue boxes below to find the resources you’ll need for each phase of the project. 
  • If you’d like to learn about the IPPI program and our quality improvement project, see our introduction below. 

What is the IPPI Program?

Direct care workers often find it challenging to engage residents living with dementia in satisfying day-to day activities. The Individualized Positive Psychosocial Intervention (IPPI) guides direct care workers as they engage people living with dementia in positive ways that enhance wellbeing and address behavioral responses. Research shows that nursing home residents experience more pleasure, alertness, engagement, and positive verbal behavior with IPPI activities.

IPPI kits and training videos show effective techniques to lead brief personal care and leisure activities specially designed for people living with dementia. The program uses data nursing home providers already collect in order to tailor activities to resident preferences. This flexible person-centered approach can be implemented meaningfully into daily care.

Join our IPPI Quality Improvement Project!  From July 1 through June 30, 2022, we are offering a Quality Improvement Project to nursing home providers interested in implementing the IPPI program. All training and materials are offered at no cost to providers thanks to grant funding from the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Learn more here! Sign up by December 31, 2021 to participate.