The Preference Based Living team has conducted more than two decades of research aimed at improving the quality of life and quality of care for older adults receiving long-term services and supports. Our studies are designed to help researchers and practitioners alike with:

  • Preference Measurement – scientifically validated tools to learn about preferences important to older adults
  • Integration Into Care – innovative approaches designed and tested to honor the preferences of older adults living in diverse settings
  • Process and Outcome Measurement – practical measures providers can use to evaluate and accelerate progress in honoring preferences and improving well-being for the older adults they serve.

This section contains publications on a wide variety of topics related to preference based care, including theoretical issues, assessment tool development, evidence-based approaches to enhance quality of care and quality of life and outcome measures. This research provides foundation for the tip sheetstraining videos and other resources we have developed for providers and researchers. All are available for free download from this website.

Recent support for this research has been provided by the National Institute for Nursing Research, Ohio Department of Medicaid, Alzheimer’s Association, and The Patrick and Catherine Donaghue Foundation, Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Friends Foundation for the Aging, and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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