This PELI questionnaire asks nursing home residents about 16 preferences for daily living that are consistent with the CMS Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 Section F – Preferences for Customary Routine and Activities. The PELI supplements the MDS by asking residents for key details about the way they like their preferences to be met.

Visit our ComPASS-16 2.0 page to learn about our new web-based application that incorporates the 16 preferences found in Section F of the Minimum Data Set 3.0 for nursing homes, plus key follow-up questions from the Preferences for Everyday Living Inventory. ComPASS-16 2.0 also includes questions to learn how satisfied residents are with the way their preferences are met. It is compatible with devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

ComPASS-16 2.0 gives providers a simple, efficient system to assess older adults’ preferences, streamline care planning, and improve the quality of person-centered care. 

In addition, the following photos were developed to help people with cognitive, communication, and hearing challenges increase understanding of the PELI preference prompts.  The pictures can be used as a supplement to the traditional PELI while being shown on a computer or tablet during assessment administration. The PELI team is in the process of validating the pictures attached with adults with communication challenges. Because of this, we would appreciate your feedback on ways we can improve the PELI photos. For the interview script & instructions for using the photos during preference assessment interviews, and to download the PELI MDS Section F 16-Item photos, click the documents below.