ComPASS-16 (2.0) (Care Preference Assessment of Satisfaction) is our new web-based application that gives providers a simple, efficient system to assess older adults’ preferences, streamline care planning, and improve the quality of person-centered care. The ComPASS-16 2.0 app is available at no costthanks to funding from the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Tennessee Department of Health.

The app incorporates the 16 preferences found in Section F of the Minimum Data Set 3.0 for nursing homes, along with key follow-up questions from the Preferences for Everyday Living Inventory. ComPASS-16 2.0 also includes questions to learn how satisfied residents are with the way their preferences are met. It is compatible with devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

ComPASS-16 2.0 provides an easy way to:

  • ASK nursing home residents about their preferences for everyday living and document the information for easy sharing among care team members
  • TRACK resident satisfaction with the way their preferences are met over time
  • IDENTIFY opportunities for providers to improve care delivery
  • COMMUNICATE important preferences across care team members and shifts
  • ENHANCE care delivery by improving resident satisfaction with daily care using suggested IPPI protocols 

User Guide

Our detailed user guide provides help with setting up your organization’s account, using ComPASS-16 2.0 to conduct resident preference assessments and satisfaction interviews, creating PAL Cards, and generating reports to track your progress in honoring resident preferences by individual, neighborhood, and community.

Video Tutorials

Our brief, step-by-step instructional videos will show you how to get started in ComPASS-16 2.0. The series includes setting up an account, adding staff and residents, and conducting a PELI interview using the ComPASS-16 2.0 app.

  1. How to Create an Account in ComPASS-16 2.0
  2. How to Add Staff in ComPASS-16 2.0  
  3. How to Add Residents in ComPASS-16 2.0  
  4. How to Conduct a PELI Interview in ComPASS-16 2.0 

New Printable Version of ComPASS-16 2.0

We encourage you to try the ComPASS-16 2.0 app and experience the benefits of automatically generated reports that show resident preferences and levels of satisfaction at the individual, household, and community-wide levels.

If you don’t have ready access to a laptop or tablet, you can print the ComPASS-16 2.0 interview questionnaire by clicking here. The form contains the same resident interview questions as the online version, although it does not produce the reports or IPPI protocols available through the web-based app.

Please contact us if you’d like to plan a customized demo for your community. We are here to help you enhance data-driven decision-making and maximize the data you’re already collecting using ComPASS-16!