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Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Training Video Series


Nursing home regulations call for providers to implement QAPI programs to take a data-driven systems approach to improve quality of life. The hallmark of the QAPI program is involving all staff members in coming up with creative and effective solutions to making the nursing home a better place to work and live.


In this QAPI video series, a QAPI team scheduled four consultations with QI expert to walk through best practices for starting and leading a successful PIP/QIP. Important decisions to consider in starting a performance improvement plan as well as easy-to-access tools and resources are highlighted to assist with facilitating the QI process. Below you’ll find videos, a facilitator guide, and the PIP Charter Template.


Quality improvement teams in the long-term settings of care inclusive of administration, management, and direct care staff.

Goals & Objectives

  • Assist QAPI teams with essential competencies to drive a successful performance improvement plan in the long-term setting of care.
  • Identify what are the key decisions, the relevance of those decisions, and the value of why that is important in the QI process.
  • Instill confidence with implementing a sustainable person-centered QAPI program

Our four-part video series is available below and on our YouTube channel.

Before you get started…

Download the PIP Charter template below. You’ll learn more about this in QAPI Step 1: Identifying your “Why” training video.

QAPI Step 1

QAPI Step 2

QAPI Step 3

QAPI Step 4