Training Guide

Facilitator Guide: Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) Training Videos

About the Training Videos

Nursing home regulations call for providers to implement QAPI programs to take a data-driven systems approach to improve quality of life. The hallmark of the QAPI program is involving all staff members in coming up with creative and effective solutions to making the nursing home a better place to work and live.   

In this QAPI video series, a QAPI team scheduled four consultations with a quality improvement (QI) expert to walk through best practices for starting and leading a successful Performance Improvement or Quality Improvement Plan (PIP/QIP) that focuses on preference-based person-centered care. The videos highlight important decisions to consider in starting a performance improvement plan as well as easy-to-access tools and resources to assist with facilitating the QI process.

The four videos show how to:

  • Use QI tools, such as a PIP charter or SWOT analysis, to plan and implement your community’s performance improvement plan. (SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.)
  • Assist QAPI teams with developing essential competencies to drive a successful PIP.  
  • Learn how to: identify the “why,” form your team, build your plan, and communicate your project to stakeholders.
  • Instill confidence with implementing a sustainable person-centered QAPI program.

The series also highlights the importance of identifying a champion and key team members to work together on the performance improvement plan. The videos demonstrate strategies to ensure the success of the project, such as:

  • Communicating effectively both within the project team and with key stakeholders of the project (residents, families, and staff).
  • Crafting a goal-driven plan with key indicators to help measure progress.
  • Incorporating incentives to motivate positive progress.

Who Is This Video Series For?

The training videos are geared towards interdisciplinary teams representing a diverse audience, including:

  • Administrative staff
  • Directors of nursing/unit managers
  • Direct care workers (CNAs)
  • Social workers
  • Activity directors
  • Dietary managers
  • Housekeepers

The videos can be viewed by visiting the QAPI Training Video Series page on the Preference Based Living website or on our YouTube channel.

Training Videos

This series is designed for flexibility. On the website, you will find a PIP Charter template that your team can use as you work your way through the four videos. Team members can view the videos uninterrupted, or the facilitator will indicate recommendations for building your community’s PIP along the way.

The videos provide guidance on each step in the PIP process and are outlined in the template:

QAPI Video 1: Identify your “Why”

  • With your team, do a SWOT or Root Cause Analysis to identify priority areas for your community.
  • Determine which priority area to focus on for your PIP and obtain leadership approval.
  • Once completed, record the selected priority area on your PIP charter.

QAPI Video 2: Form your Team

  • Review findings from your SWOT analysis to pinpoint key opportunity areas.
  • Designate PIP team members from different disciplines who are invested in the success of the performance improvement project and record their names/disciplines in the PIP charter.
  • Select a project champion who will be instrumental in moving the project forward and committed to its success.
  • Write the project name in the PIP charter.

QAPI Video 3: Building your Plan and Measuring Progress

  • Craft two to three SMART goals to help the team understand the vision of how to build the plan of action.  A SMART goal exercise outlines all the important components to structure effective goals.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary plan of action to delineate manageable steps or tasks and delegate tasks to team members. 
  • Identify both process and outcome measures to provide data-driven feedback on the extent to which teams are reaching goals and demonstrating the impact of your performance improvement plan.

QAPI Video 4: It’s all about Communication

  • Schedule regular project meetings with the project team to discuss successes, challenges, and next steps. These meetings provide opportunities for keeping the team abreast of progress and brainstorming any solutions to challenges that might arise along the way.
  • Consider ways to communicate the progress of the performance improvement plan to engage your key stakeholders (residents, family, and staff) in the efforts being made. 
  • Devise strategies to motivate and encourage staff to be involved in the change efforts and to adopt the person-centered initiatives designed to benefit positive relationships. 

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