PAL Card

PELI PAL Cards: Customizable Template

Create individualized PAL Cards with this simple template.

PAL Card template features:

  • Large font for the individual’s name
  • Icons to identify the individual’s preferred method of communication
  • Space to record date the card was created/revised
  • Space to include the individual’s background information
  • Fixed text boxes to include the individual’s background information (front) and their most important preferences (back)
  • Preloaded descriptions for the communication preference icons

How to use this template:

  • Download the template and communication icon key and save to your computer.
  • Make a copy of the template to start customizing it for an individual.
  • Include their first name only and any background information they wish to share in the space provided.
  • Enter the date created (optional – for your records)
  • If applicable, select the icon that represents the individual’s preferred method. for communicating (see Icon Key provided below) or delete the icons if not using.
  • Enter the individual’s most important preference information in the text boxes provided.
  • Select the corresponding communication preference description preloaded into the text box (see Icon Key provided below) or delete if not using.
  • After filling out the individual’s PAL Card, save the template and print.