Dear Provider Friends, 

We are immensely grateful to each of you for going above and beyond to care for residents in your community during this time of unprecedented challenge. In an effort to support you we developed a tip sheet on honoring preferences during quarantine as well as compiled a list of resources with ideas for meeting the socio-emotional needs of your residents. These resources can be found in our March and April newsletters.

We also seek to contribute positive messages about the amazing work you are doing during this crisis (and every day). We’d like to showcase the important work you are doing during this time and would like to hear:

  • How are your staff members rising to the challenge of providing preference-based care during this Covid-19 period?
  • What strategies are you and your team using to individualize activities now that large group gatherings are not possible?
  • How has knowing each person’s preferences affected the way you?

We’ll post your ideas and stories on our social media platforms (crediting your organization or anonymously if you prefer). Please send your ideas by completing this survey.

Above all, we thank you for your efforts to meet the needs of nursing home residents during these difficult weeks. We appreciate you!

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