Great question! First, before the interview…

  1. Check the medical chart to see if the person needs adaptive equipment to function at their highest potential. People who wear glasses or hearing aids should be sure to use them during the PELI interview.
  2. Consider other adaptations, such as having a simple amplification system, as well as a magnifying glass or magnifying sheets, to assist during the interview. Keep these items in a central place so they are available for all assessments and interviews.

After the PELI interview… Add the information you’ve gathered into the medical record and eventually the care plan. Be sure to note whether or not the person uses assistive devices because this may affect their functioning and level of preference. For example, medical record notes might say:

  • Mrs. Smith holds reading as a very important preference. She needs the assistance of prescription glasses or a magnifying glass to pursue this preference.
  • Mr. Jones has an important preference to participate in a sports review discussion group. He needs hearing aids to join in successfully.

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