How do we communicate with older adults whose ability to speak, write, read or understand speech is impaired? Led by Speech-Language Pathology experts Kelly Knollman-Porter and Vanessa Burshnic, this webinar explores common communication challenges among nursing home residents as well as low-tech, low-cost solutions that make a real difference!

Learn about: 

  • Goals of communication
  • How effective communication enhances person-centered care
  • Communication challenges related to cognitive, hearing and vision changes in older adults
  • Successful tools to overcome communication barriers – including gesturing, reminder cards, memory books, communication boards, wayfinding and orientation cues, and more
  • Handling complex case examples — such as how to communicate with a person who is living with dementia, Parkinson’s and hearing impairment.

Presenters: Speech-Language Pathologists Kelly Knollman-Porter, PhD, CCC-SLP, Miami University, and Vanessa Burshnic, PhD, CCC-SLP, Duke University

Register for this no-cost virtual seminar on Tuesday, March 30th, 1pm eastern.