This study discusses the importance of actively involving people living with dementia, their social networks, and healthcare professionals in systematic reviews of healthcare interventions for dementia care. Despite consensus on this need, current reviews often exclude non-professional voices. To address the gap, the authors propose a participatory process to develop a framework with:  four people living with dementia, four from their social networks, and three healthcare professionals. The study team will hold regular meetings with the participants to guide all stages of the review and ensure their meaningful involvement. Using principles from the INVOLVE approach and ACTIVE framework, the researchers aim to create a transparent model that can inspire broader participation in systematic reviews, ultimately enhancing dementia care research.

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Rommerskirch-Manietta M, Manietta C, Hoffmann AL, Rohra, H., Gove, D., Alpers, B., Hung, L., Geary, C.R., Abbott, K.M., Ren, L.H., Oberfeld, S., Diaz, A., & Roes, M. (2023). Participatory development of a framework to actively involve people living with dementia and those from their social network, and healthcare professionals in conducting a systematic review: the DECIDE-SR protocol. Research Involvement and Engagement, Jul;9(1):52. DOI: 10.1186/s40900-023-00461-2. PMID: 37434210.

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