This study explored the contribution of non-clinical professionals, such as housekeepers and maintenance mechanics, in promoting person-centered care for older adults residing in assisted living. Researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with non-clinical staff (n = 8) from an assisted living community. Staff comments were coded based on prior person-centered care themes (i.e., promoting decision making, meaningful living, pleasurable living, and personhood). A new sub-theme was added regarding how non-clinical staff help residents navigate assisted living. Results show that non-clinical staff play an important role in facilitating person-centered care as they perform everyday tasks. The authors recommend that all staff with direct resident contact should take part in person-centered education and training efforts. 

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Shrestha,P. & Abbott, K.M. (2018). “I help them navigate the organization”: Recognizing the contributions of non-clinical professionals to person-centered approaches in assisted living. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 44(2): 9-13.

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