Are you looking for more effective ways to provide person-centered care for residents living with dementia?

Direct care workers often find it challenging to engage residents living with dementia in satisfying day-to-day activities. The Individualized Positive Psychosocial Intervention program, or IPPI for short, guides direct care workers as they lead residents in leisure and personal care activities that : 

  • Match the older person’s preferences and abilities 
  • Enhance their wellbeing 
  • Reduce distress.  

How Does the IPPI Program Work? 

We will provide you with all the materials you will need to try the IPPI program in your community! These include: 

  • IPPI kits that help care partners as they lead short (10-minute) leisure and personal care activities based on research and specially designed for residents at varying stages of dementia 
  • An interactive online training course and videos that show practical ways to communicate with and engage people living with dementia – and to build more satisfying days for staff and residents alike 
  • One-to-one virtual coaching 
  • All training and materials are available at no cost to providers. 

What Are the Benefits of the IPPI Program? 

For residents: 

  • More meaningful activity and connection for residents who typically are not engaged  
  • An increase in positive moods and reduction in expressions of distress  
  • Ongoing interest to engage in an IPPI activity again 

For staff:  

  • Better understanding of older adults living with dementia, 
  • Stronger communication and relationship building skills  
  • Increased confidence in providing person-centered care  

For nursing home communities: 

  • Outcome measures (based on data you already collect) that allow you to demonstrate you are providing evidence-based care tailored to individual preferences  
  • Strengthened capacity to engage in person-centered quality improvement initiatives.

We’re offering no-cost coaching to help you bring the IPPI program to your community. Sign up by December 31, 2021 to participate! 

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